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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's letter is...

G...I would hope by now you've caught on to how the alphabet works, but if not I can surely keep announcing which letter is next.

Growing Up
This seems like a rather broad topic. I like to think I grew up right, but who doesn't think that? Here's how I felt at each age, starting with three because I'm not some super genius that can remember emerging from the womb.

3: Today I'm going to play in the sandbox with my brother! And chase cats around the farm! And then ride my bike! And then eat! And then run for absolutely no reason! (that last one never caught on)
4: Still chasing cats and dragging them around against their will. All I wanna do is start school now, I'm soooooooooo excited! (that quickly wore off!)
5: Oh goodness, I'm in school now! I have my new backpack, crayons, and no I don't want to nap!!! Dammit! Must....run......around.........
6: School is still fun, I think I can read now.
7: Ok neat, now I can write! MOM!!!!! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS!!!!!!!!! Hang it on the fridge :)
8: Alright, now I'm sick of Mom dressing me...Seriously...and hopefully my permanent teeth grow in asap.
9: Really sick of Mom dressing me, and there's no way I'm smiling for this school picture...creep.
10: I am probably the coolest kid in my class because I got my ears pierced for a SECOND time!
Scoooore! Oh....hi puberty..............my childhood has been ripped away from me.
In the meantime I'll be a manager for volleyball and have everyone be mean to me.
11: I should probably keep moping around and dwelling on the fact that I hit puberty centuries before everyone else, and try to be ok with the fact that I look like a dead bloated deer with a terrible haircut. Oh hey volleyball! I think I love you.
12: Still love volleyball, middle school students are the meanest people on the planet. I am now fully away of how big my forehead is...........you shouldn't have.
13: Completely paranoid about my "
fivehead". Hey cute boy, let's hold hands....OH MY!
14: High school, particularly a freshman, we are so awesome with our plastic bracelets and safety pins in our ears. Oh look! Another terrible haircut! It matches the braces I suppose.
15: Well I have my permit now, what a terrible tease. This is dumb. Seriously mom, I can just drive to the gas station, it doesn't matter......
16: Holy crap it's finally here! My license! I look like a complete fox in that picture...I better show anyone and everyone. I should also pull into the school parking lot with my music blaring so everyone knows how awesome I am.
17: Well this is a lame age...Can I buy lottery tickets yet??? Guess in the meantime I could sneak cigarettes to deal with it.
18: Smoking was dumb. And now I have graduated so I'm an overly experienced adult. The world should really watch its step.
Yay, I'm 19 and have survived a year of tech school, living by myself an hour away from home...I'm awesome.
20: Sweet lollipops! Where has the time gone?? Graduated tech school...now what? Might as well get another degree...here we go.
21: College sucks, but that's
ok because I live with my boyfriend...just what I've always wanted, my life is complete.
Gaawwddddd I can't believe I lived with him. I'm going to the bar. Is college over yet???

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