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Monday, August 15, 2011

E is for

Embarrassing moment.

Being the witty, sarcastic human that I am, I actually
find it difficult to become embarrassed. Or at least I know it has taken me a very long time to think of a time when I was truly embarrassed; embarrassed enough for it to stand out in my memory. There are times when I can't remember what people have told me, such as what they are majoring in. I know they have probably told me three or eight times, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me. That type of situation usually causes a weird little flutter of anxiety, probably just because I know they've told me...but my memory sucks.

The one moment that really stands out in my mind goes all the way back to third grade. Various grades in elementary and middle school participated in Jump Rope for Heart for the American Heart Association. I believe we raised money for the occasion and then had to jump for a certain amount of time. We had the option of jumping in memory of someone so naturally my mother and I decided I would jump for Gramps. For those of yo
u that don't know who "Gramps" is...he was my mother's father, thus making him my grandfather. He was probably the nicest, selfless, funniest person I have ever known.

If I can remember correctly, the awards ceremony was held at the end of the school year. At that time we received our certificates for Jump Rope for Heart. When they called me down from the bleachers to get my certificate, they said I had jumped however long, and that I jumped for Gramps. Laughter erupted from the sea of people in the bleachers. I was so mad that they were laughing at Gramps! And of course because of the age I was, I was embarrassed.

But you know what? They never knew Gramps.

My buddy ol' pal passed away in April of 2010. In September 2010 I participated in the Heart Walk for him. And guess what? I wasn't embarrassed. In my head I was flipping off everyone that had laughed at me back in third grade.

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