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Friday, August 19, 2011

H is for


I've rocked some interesting hairstyles in my day. I've dyed it nearly every shade of red, half of it a bright fuchsia color, blond, dark dark brown that looked black for a while, various shades of brown, and blond highlights that looked more orange. My best memories are dying it twice in a 24 hour time period because I messed it up. I have permed it, straightened it, chopped it all off, spiked it, let it grow...rinse and repeat. How I still had hair after all of my experiments is beyond me.

On two separate occasions, at two different salons (which I'm not afraid to name: JCPenney and Regis) I got two really bad haircuts. I'm sure if you look at the pictures you'll think, "What's so bad about that...you look so cuddly and adorable as always!!" Yeah, no. I walked into the salons anticipating a haircut that would land me at shoulder length hair. After Edward Scissorhands worked me over, I walked out of the salon with chin length hair. How my chin and shoulders are one in the same, I will never know.

This is the first monstrosity, circa Fall 2007. I thought it would be cool if I got a fresh haircut since I would be starting college. Not exactly the way I hoped to start college: zero confidence. After this happened I told myself I wouldn't get an actual haircut for the rest of my life--only trims! Probably the worst part (other than paying for these terrible cuts) is that it goes through so many awkward stages when it is growing out. Do I just pin it back? Do I curl it? Do I do the ponytail trick everyday?

My hair grew out and I felt more like a girl again, felt a little confident.

Then I decided to get a haircut for another special occasion: My 21st birthday. I should have known it was going to be another mistake. Did that stop me? Nope! My train of thought was, "Ok, this time I'll go to Regis. Seems like a nice salon, maybe they'll be better than JCPenney." I made it clear to the nice young lady that I wanted my hair to be shoulder length, and I even told her about my previous terrible haircut. I took it a step further and emphasized how much I did NOT want it to be up to my chin.

Look where it ended up. My chin.

That time I was really done. No more hairCUTS, just TRIMS. And I finally found a salon that understands what people want. Buzz over to Facebook and check out Harmony Hair Design, shout out to Mel! For now I'm just rockin' the feather trend, which Harmony carries, FYI...Have Mel hook ya up!

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