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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

N is for

Nothing.  Blog about nothing.

This is about as nothing as it gets.  I have compiled a list of interesting email subjects from emails between my brother and I over the last year and a half or so.  It's up to you to decide whether or not the emails pertained to their subject lines.

  1. Pea Soup!
  2. I use antlers in all of my decorating
  4. Orange Juice
  5. Feel Like P Diddy
  6. Bumble Bee Tuna
  7. French Toast
  8. Scotch Tape
  9. Teeaaaa
  10. Work Sucks
  11. Hamster Droppings 
  12. qwerty
  13. Cold
  14. UPP (Unicorn Protection Pact)
  15. Guys Named Todd
  16. Rupert
  17. Kinnickinnic Picnic
  18. Carrot Stress Toy
  19. Rubber Cement
  20. Hookah
  21. Champ Belt
  22. What's a Sconnie?
  23. Cotton Patch
  24. Hey Culligan Maaannn!
  25. Rotten Cabbage
  26. Overweight Pandas
  27. Breeding Habits of the South African Wombat
  28. Hicks Spitting on Sidewalks
  29. What the hell's diversity?
  30. Dead Bloated Rhinoceros
  31. Ingrown Back Hair
  32. Wheelchairs on Skis
  33. Lizard-Proof Bathtubs 
  34. Crack Spackle
  35. Dinosaur Urinalysis
  36. Malnourished Platypus
  37. Bug Guts Smeared on Windshields 
  38. Elderly Man Saves Pregnant Dolphin
  39. Hair Product Buildup
  40. Tissues in a Fan
  41. Spoontang
  42. Purple Carrots
  43. Can't Hug Every Cat
  44. Cephalopod Mucus
  45. Placenta Pate
  46. Effing Phone!
  47. Dried Frosting
  48. Frightened Ostrich
Hopefully that entertained you for a few minutes! Feel free to steal one or all of them as you please to use as your own email subject lines. You don't even need to give us credit!


  1. STUFF: Save The Unicorn Forrest Foundation



  2. I must have missed..."Kyle is a Dink"