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Saturday, August 13, 2011

C is for

Car. Talk about your first car, the car you have now, yadda yadda.

My first car was my parents' '00 Oldsmobile Alero, in a sexy red-maroon color...two door...spoiler...I was hot shit. So naturally whenever my friends wanted to go somewhere, I wanted to drive! What a hot little car. Eventually the windows both quit working which we later found was a common defect in Oldsmobile Aleros, since the same thing happened to my brother's. The fuel pump also decided to go out. Let me tell you how awesome it was to only be able to use a quarter tank of gas at a time. It SUCKED. That got fixed in time. Then the head gasket went out, and apparently that's a common occurrence in V6's. If everything is so "common", why don't the manufacturers fix these things??

Because the 'lero kept overheating, and I was now moved out of the house, my parents decided it wasn't reliable enough for their baby. My brother stepped in and decided to be the awesome Big Brother of the Year and give me his Alero after he purchased a new car. Did I mention I love my big brother? For the last two-ish years I've been driving his 'lero, which is identical to the one I had, but it's silver, and most of the "common" problems had already been fixed. It's also two years newer. Fingers crossed this little car gets me through the next...however long...until I get a big girl job and can afford a new one. :) Boring, hope you didn't fall asleep.

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