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Friday, August 5, 2011

Something to think about...

I just read the best blog, containing the best advice that I think everyone should try to follow.

The helpful tips and little life secrets can be found at:


I like to think I have most of these figured out at the tender age of 22, but there are obviously areas I'm struggling in.

I have yet to find a hobby. Perhaps blogging could be that hobby if I can find enough things to write about. I suppose nobody really even needs to read it--as long as I'm happy writing!

I need to budget. Too often do I run out of money and am left scratching my head wondering where it all went...in a week. One small step I have taken is eating at home more which hasn't paid off quite yet, but I'm confident it will with time. Less Mariachi? Maybe.

More flossing. I don't floss nearly as much as I should. It's ok to be disgusted with that statement, because I'm disgusted with it.

Say no; make memories. In many instances, I have given up a little chunk of my life so I could work for someone. I'm getting better at saying no and respecting the fact that I do have a life and need "me" time as well as "friend" time. This doesn't mean I'm lazy, I still know how to work!

Quit worrying. Ohh the countless nights spent in bed worrying...for hours. About what? Anything. And everything. Maybe I should try writing it all down. It's worth a shot.

Eat better and be active. Probably the toughest one of all. I'm not even sure why it's that hard. Maybe because during the school year I'm constantly running around and just grab whatever is easiest to devour. I shall work on this.

Hopefully Sarah's blog gets you thinking :)

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