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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

W is for

Wearing.  What are you wearing right now, and what is your favorite outfit?

Kind of a lame question, but here it goes.

Right now I'm wearing a very large t-shirt that reads, "World's Greatest Grandpa", some capri yoga pant things, and one sock (I do typically wear two like the average person but one came off while I was rustling around in my blanket trying to stay warm).  I promise there is a reason why I'm wearing a World's Greatest Grandpa t-shirt.

A few years ago my gramps came to visit, and was wearing this shirt.  Upon entering our house, I took the opportunity to be a complete smartass and ask, "Why are you wearing Richard's shirt??" (Richard is my grandpa).  Everyone laughed.  I thought it was the funniest thing I had said in ages.  Gramps wore the shirt a few more times after that, and we made sure we joked around about it being my other grandpa's t-shirt.  Not only am I currently wearing this outfit, but it is also my favorite because I'm comfy and because it brings back great memories.

I never pictured myself blogging about an outfit and crying while relating it to my grandfathers.  Course, I never pictured losing both of them within a year either.  Love and miss you both terribly.  <3

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