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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pick it up

Once upon a time I started an alphabet blog challenge.  I didn't finish it.  Why?

I started the alphabet challenge that took up some of my summer, just for fun.  Then one day I just kind of forgot I even had a blog, which is weird because I actually enjoyed writing about seemingly pointless things.  Last night at work I, for whatever reason, remembered I was once a blogging fool and logged in.  To my surprise (yes, it only took me two months to forget what I had written) I realized I left off on the letter S--Smile.  IRONIC! Or maybe just creepy--to me at least.  I've been having a hard time smiling lately, which is just as weird as forgetting I had a blog because I also love smiling.  (awwwww)

I have reason to believe that, no matter how trivial it seems, I left off on "Smile" for a reason:  I would need a reminder later on.  There's no reason why I shouldn't be smiling, but sometimes I allow others to dictate my feelings.  Bad, bad, bad.

T is for Thought.  I have a gazillion thoughts in one day, it'd be hard to talk about just one or even a few.  The one thought that has been looming over me for a while now, is that nobody wants you to succeed.  Graduating in May is proving to be quite challenging because it's a huge yard game involving a series of flaming hoops, while faculty and staff sit around with a cold one in hand, watching, amused, as you struggle to make it through the hoops, and soon enough you're on fire...but nobody puts you out.  So there.

Here's to smiling, blogging, and graduating in May.

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