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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yup, this thing is on...

So there I went being a crappy blogger again and I apologize.  I have no legitimate excuse other than it was finals week, I went home, then Christmas happened, and then New Year’s.  Don’t worry, I grounded myself until Spring semester starts.  I am to travel to and from work and nowhere else.  Ok I lied…grounding myself is silly but I do feel bad about neglecting the great blog I had going and I’m sure everyone has lost sleep over my absence…

Let’s see…Oh yes! I left off talking about the whole online dating jazz.  I still have to laugh to myself—or at myself. 

In the beginning I took it seriously as if I was on some kind of great life mission.  Upon receiving mail from someone I would never touch with a ten foot pole, I decided to respond with a kind message explaining that they just weren’t my type.  Wow, did I mess up.  People did NOT enjoy that response, and retaliated with, “You’re so rude! You don’t even know me! We might work out to be really good together, you seem so laid back like me” (grammar has been altered for readability).  You’re right, I DON’T know you and I barely have anything on my profile in hopes of forcing you to get to know me instead of assuming… For some reason they thought we would make a great couple because I seem “laid back”—which happens to be the most overused phrase for online dating. 

Soon enough I scratched that method for freaks and decided to say nothing at all—pretending like I never even saw the message.  Well guess what? I messed up again.  This is one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations.  My lack of response led to angry emails from Jersey-Shore look-alikes that could probably crush me with their pinky fingers “What, you’re too good for me? Why won’t you respond? I think you’re really great and you should just give me a chance.  Quit being such a bitch and just respond to me” (grammar has been altered for readability).  That’s not creepy at all, right? I didn’t lose an ounce of sleep…

After a few of those weird responses I decided not to take it so seriously.  Just my luck—I found a guy that may be serious.  How exciting.  I went back to taking it seriously, as I figured this particular individual had some potential.  We talked for a while, got acquainted, and eventually met in person.  Let me just tell you about how thrilled my mother was…I’ll save that for a different post.  We met for dinner and hit it off quite nicely.  Being a female, I felt all giddy and envisioned glitter, unicorns, glittery unicorns, and unicorny glitter.  Most importantly: This fellow lived near my hometown, which is what I’m (not-so-) secretly searching for. 

A week and a half went by.  No response.  Surprising? Not really.

Turns out our age was a big problem (me 22, him 25).  Really? Oh, and “we’re at different stages in life”…good one. 

That poococky-nonsense made me realize I was taking it too seriously.  My next move? Turn it into a game.

To be continued…

Yeah, yeah…It’s going to be three parts, get over it. 

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  1. Mark and I have decided you should just move here with us and let us find you a date! Seriously look at how awseome we are...cant possibly steer you in the wrong direction :)