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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

R is for

Response and active participation...which is something that didn't happen on the last blog post.


R is also for Reading.  I hate reading, actually.  Once upon a time I read some great book by Nicholas Sparks.  This book was so great that I can't even remember the title.  I also made a book purchase at the DFW airport because I arrived much earlier than anyone should ever arrive at an airport before their flight.  It was overpriced and was a true story about a sugar mama.  Good story but I didn't finish it because the guy sitting next to me on the plane was sweating and shaking due to turbulence.  Such a distraction.

In my spare time I enjoy a nice black and white textbook to stimulate my brain.

*more crickets*

Luckily for me, enthralling textbooks will haunt my every spare moment for the next nine months.  Yay for lots of debt and a printed piece of paper with my name on it.

What are YOU reading?

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